Tuesday, April 29, 2014

May 5, 2014 View of Jobs Peak, Garnerville/Minden Paint-Out

taken on 4-27-14 around noon
Updated location parking:   Please note the changes in red.  The rancher needs the parking area to get to his cattle and it was suggested that the little side street would be safer for us anyway.
Date:          May 5, 2014
Time:          9:30 am
Place:          Mottsville Meadow Way, off of Mottsville Road, Garnerville/Minden area
Parking:        Mottsville Meadow Way
Amenities:     None there, but Minden is close by

Directions:     From Reno, take 580 south to Carson City, Exit Fairview Drive, turn right, go to the intersection of old 395 and turn left.  Stay on 395 into Carson Valley.  Before you get into Minden, turn right on Hwy 88.  Go 1.8 miles and turn right on Mottsville Road.  Follow Mottsville Road almost 2 miles, turn Left on Mottsville Meadow Way.  This is a better place than what I originally posted.  It is off the main road (Mottsville Road - which is busy since it is access to Kingsbury Road).  There are only 3 houses on this side road and there is a cul-de-sac to park at the end, and it is safe to park off this road as well.

We will be painting right by our cars.  We will be about 6 miles from Genoa, if you want to wander over there to check it out.

This is Mottsville Road - NOT RECOMMENDED

This is the area the rancher needs on Mottsville Road - don't park here please

What to bring:
  • painting gear
  • camera
  • drink and snack or lunch
  • bug spray?
  • hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • cell phone
  • prepare for wind
  • prepare for 20% chance of rain

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