Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holidays! We just got snow!

2 hours plein air
Finished at home weeks later!

Just to let you know that some of us have been trying to get together to paint, but because of iffy weather, it was very last minute and I was not able to post the event.  Another reason was that I was in Phoenix for a week (I did plein air paint there too).  A few weeks ago, two Lake Tahoe oil painters and I met at Sand Harbor State Park for a paint out.  It was the last nice day for a while before the holiday rush.

Now, as of today, there is snow on the ground.  Maybe after Christmas, the storm will have blown over and a paint-out can be planned for the meadow at Mt. Rose or somewhere for a "snow painting"!

A reminder to those who would like to paint with us - you can use any medium you want.  While I was in Phoenix I found it easier to wear a backpack with small watercolor kit, because I combined hiking into the day.  Here are my simple watercolor sketches - one unfinished - just to show you that we are NOT heavy-duty professionals who will intimidate you!
P.S.  I would like to apologize for the little calendar wiget at the top of the page.  Someone hacked in and attached offensive ads to it.  I have removed it.  Sorry!