Friday, October 30, 2015

November 9, 2015 River Fork Ranch or Genoa Trees Paint-Out

Taken last winter - River Fork Ranch
This is a choice of two types of locations - open space or the old cottonwood trees around Genoa.

No host - I will not be able to attend.

Date:          November 9, 2015 (Monday)
Time:          9:30?
Place:          River Fork Ranch - or - Genoa Trees
Parking:      There is a large parking lot - free - open daily year-round
Restrictions:  No dogs

Amenities:  I think there is a porta pottie at River Fork Ranch.  If not, you can drop by the Country Store in Genoa just down the street.

River Fork Ranch is located at 381 Genoa Lane, Minden, NV 89423 near the historic town of Genoa in the Carson Valley.

Directions from Carson City:  Drive south on 395 for 8.7 miles
Turn Right onto SR 206/Genoa Lane and continue for 2.4 miles
The preserve and parking area will be on your left and is well marked with a sign.

More info: River Fork Ranch:

What is there:  hiking trails, wildlife viewing, interesting woven flood plain control, wetlands, Carson River

To get to the views of the river - walk around the deck of the Interpretive Center and you will see a trail head.  It follows the river going south and goes for 2 miles.  The pictures I took above and below were the closest distance from the Interpretive Center.  If it is not muddy from prior rain, these trails are good for pulling carts.

River Fork Ranch has 2 trails - one that goes along the Carson River with open vistas, and another one at the east side of the parking lot that goes through or near the cottonwood trees and another fork of river.

Genoa Trees:  on Genoa Lane (206)

Directions:  From Reno, take 395 south.  Either turn right at Jacks Valley Road and follow it out to Genoa (for a scenic route), or, continue on 395 and turn right on 206 (Genoa Lane).  The intersection of Jacks Valley Road and 206 is where the Genoa Country Store is.

Your choice!  Both are in the same area about a mile or less apart.
big cottonwoods on the side of the road near the Country Store, Genoa on Genoa Lane

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

November 2, 2015 Sky Tavern Paint-Out

Date:          November 2, 2015
Time:         9:30?  With time change - get there when you can
Place:          Sky Tavern Ski Area
Parking:      Free - we usually are along the fence where the aspen trees and trails are
Amenities:    If we see workers there, we might be able to use the bathrooms if the building is open

Directions:  From Reno - take Mount Rose Hwy 431 about 12 miles up the hill from the intersection of I-580.  Just past the old Tanenbaum area you will see a snow removal shed on the left and then a blue sign for Sky Tavern with a gate that should be open.  If you go past it by accident you can turn around at the Mountain Top Sports Rentals.  

Monday, October 19, 2015

October 26, 2015 (Monday) "Dayton Toll Road" Paint-Out

picture taken 10-19-15

This is a rural area with cottonwood trees in a canyon, rocky areas and lots of wild Nevada landscape

Date:          October 26, 2015 (Monday)
Time:          9:30 am
Place:          Dirt road named Dayton Toll Road
                    Maybe this is in the Dayton outskirts of town
Amenities:   None.  See below directions for nearby amenities
Parking:      Large dirt turn-out

These directions are from Carson City 580/395:

Take the Highway 50 turn-off east towards Dayton
Go 5 to 6 miles
(Pit Stop - Look for a Shell Gas Station on your left.  This is your pit stop if you need it.  There is also a Pizza King restaurant in the strip mall next door.)
Turn Left on Nevada Hwy 341.  There are no businesses at this intersection
Go 2.7 miles
Turn right at 341 where road changes to 342 (see the mining building on your left)
Take another right (immediately) on Dayton Toll Road
Go about .5 miles on this dirt road.
After you cross a narrow bridge over a dry creek, there is a big open area to park.

The mining building on your left where you turn right on 341
we zipped right past this street the first time.  It is really immediate!
the parking area

Thursday, October 15, 2015

"In the Open" our first exhibition is on display!

Today we hung our first exhibition at South Valleys Library in Reno "In the Open".  The participating artists are:

Emma Auriemma
Pat Edwards
Ray Freeman
Carol Grigus
Diann Laing
Brent Logan
Sue Perry
Linda Rosenblum
Carolyn Jean Thompson
Jane Wells

The show is beautiful!  To see a preview, here is a YouTube video I prepared:

Please come to view our show!  And, better yet, please come to our Artists' Reception Saturday, October 17, 2015 from 3:00 to 4:00 at South Valleys Library Gallery, 15650A Wedge Parkway, Reno, NV.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

October 19, 2015 (Monday) Silver Saddle Ranch Paint-Out

The cottonwoods will start turning gold it might be more colorful that these summer photos.
Sometimes there are cattle on the ranch.  Otherwise they might be across the street.
Just down the street a little further is Carson River Park - on the right side, a parking lot, picnic tables, trails along the river (which might be dry?) and cottonwoods there too.

Date:          October 19, 2015 (Monday)
Time:          9:00 or 9:30 am
Place:          Silver Saddle Ranch, Carson City
Parking:       Parking area .6 miles down their gravel ranch road see above
Amenities:    bathroom, hiking trails, bird watching, picnic area, working cattle ranch, barns and caretaker house, hiking and horseriding trails
Meeting Place:   the parking area.  Painting areas in walking distance.

Place to eat lunch in the shade of the backyard of one of the ranch houses - picnic tables for the public

From Reno, take 580 south
Take exit 38 for Fairview Drive, keep in left lane
Turn Left at the light onto Fairview Drive
At the round-about, take 1st exit onto East 5th Street
Turn Right on Carson River Road
Follow Carson River Road for 1.4 miles to the entrance at a bend in the road.
Picture above shows their sign on Carson River Road
Follow their gravel ranch road .6 miles to the parking area near the hay barn and ranch buildings.

Links, pictures and trail maps:  
Friends of Silver Saddle Ranch

What to bring:
  • camera
  • painting gear
  • carts will work here - level ground
  • drinking water
  • hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrella
  • lunch or snacks
  • folding chair if you wish
  • bug spray (where there are cattle....there are flies)
What you can paint:
  • cattle (maybe - they do move around)
  • ranch and pasture vistas
  • view of Slide Mountain
  • some sagebrush and cottonwood trees
  • nearby Carson River if you choose to drive down the road
  • Ranch buildings