Thursday, December 1, 2016

December, 2016  Winter Break

Greetings All,
Winter weather is unstable and we are going into the busy Holiday season. With travels and family visits to we will take a break for now.  We can all
continue with our paintings indoors, maybe experimenting with new techniques....

Wishing you a Very Merry Holiday Season,
Safe Travels and a Happy New Year!!

We will reconvene some time in January.

Friday, November 18, 2016

November 21, 2016 (Monday)               No Paint out, weather looking iffy     Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 11, 2016

November 14, 2016 (Monday)     Paint-Out Davis Pond                     Davis Creek Park, Washoe Valley

Host:       Emma Auriemma-McKay           
Location: Davis Creek Slide Mountain District 
               Regional Park: 
               25 Davis Creek Road, Washoe Valley, 
               (775) 849-0684.
Date:      November 14, 2016 (Monday)
Time:      9:00 am
Place:     Davis Creek Park,  Davis Pond, 
                    Washoe Valley
Parking:  Yes
Meeting Place:    Parking Lot
Amenities:  Restrooms (open?)
Directions:  Going 395 South, Exit at Bowers Mansion Road.  Park entrance is on the right
a short distance down the road. Take the second left after entering the park.  You will drive through camp sites and take the next left turn to get to the pond.

What to bring:
  • camera
  • painting gear
  • drinking water and snacks or lunch, maybe hot drink?
  • maybe TP?
  • hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • painting umbrella if you have one
  • waterproof hiking boots or snow boots
  • warm socks, gloves
  • winter clothing - layers are best - it can warm up in the sun
  • cart will work on the boardwalk, but you have a few stair steps
  • cellphone
What you will see to paint:
  • snow capped Slide Mountain and surrounding mountains
  • reeds and marsh grasses
  • maybe some patchy snow
  • view of Pond and pine trees and their reflections
  • sometimes cloud formations

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 7, 2016 (Monday) Washoe Lake Wildlife Viewing Area, then Deadman's Creek Trail Paint-Out

Carol painting from the viewing platform last year
The parking lot last year

Wildlife Viewing Area Parking Lot - South End of Washoe Lake in the Fall
The Boardwalk goes from the parking lot to a viewing platform

Date:          November, 2016 (Monday)
Time:          9:00 am
Place:         Washoe Lake Wildlife Viewing Area, Eastlake Boulevard, South End of Washoe Lake
Parking:      Free, large parking lot and a pit toilet (but I'm not sure it is unlocked in the winter)
Amenities:   None, but Washoe Lake State Park is one mile north and there are unlocked bathrooms in the picnic or camping area.  They turn off the drinking fountains because of freezing pipes.  If you decide to paint there, you must pay the State Park Fee.

There won't be snow just snow.  I didn't have any autumn Photos.  We should have some tree color and mountain views to the west, east and south.

What to bring:

  • camera
  • painting gear
  • drinking water and snacks or lunch, maybe hot drink?
  • maybe TP?
  • hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • painting umbrella if you have one
  • waterproof hiking boots or snow boots
  • warm socks, gloves
  • winter clothing - layers are best - it can warm up in the sun
  • cart will work on the boardwalk, but you have a few stair steps
  • cellphone
What you will see to paint:
  • snow capped Slide Mountain and surrounding mountains
  • reeds and marsh grasses
  • maybe some patchy snow
  • view of Washoe Lake and surrounding desert mountains
  • sometimes cloud formations
From Reno, take I-580 South toward Carson City
Exit 44/Eastlake Boulevard
Left on Eastlake Boulevard
Go about 1.4 miles
As you go around a bend, a parking lot will appear on the left - turn left (it is easy to pass it up by mistake)

SECOND LOCATION - FOR HIKING ARTISTS - CHECK THIS OUT!   If you want to go for a little hike after our paint-out, OR, if you are not finding a subject matter to paint AND enjoy hiking - this location is nearby and not well-known.

Deadman's Creek Trailhead
Deadman's Creek Trailhead - looking away toward Washoe Lake
The Gazebo above Deadman's Creek Trail
Location:  Just about a mile north from the Wildlife Viewing parking lot, on East Lake Boulevard, on the right, is a small parking area (for 3 cars or so).  There is a nice little foot trail along the creek with signs noting the names of wild plants and trees.  Look for a trail that goes to the right and crosses the creek.  This trail switch-backs and climbs the hill and goes up to a viewing gazebo.  Some of the things you will see along the way are interesting rock outcroppings and gorgeous views of Washoe Lake.  If you have light painting gear in a backpack - you will be rewarded with a gorgeous place to paint.

Additional parking:  In the top photo you can see a trail on the other side of the road.  That trail leads to the Washoe Lake State Park Picnic Area Parking Lot (fee required).  You can also look for additional turn-outs nearby and walk to the trailhead.

This is also a great place to walk your dog.  Be sure to bring drinking water and a camera!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

October 31, 2016 Oxbow Nature Area Paint-Out

This was winter or fall 
HOST:  Emma Auriemma-McKay
             I will be on this deck area.  From the 
             parking lot walk west on the trail closest              to river.

Date:           October, 2016 (Monday)
Time:           9:00 am
Place:          Oxbow Nature Study Area, Reno
Parking:       Yes
Meeting Place:    Parking Lot
Amenities:    Restrooms (open?), Cafe

At this time of year there are probably singing birds,leaf colors on the cottonwood trees, interesting vistas, the river, cattails, grasses, a small lake/pond.  There is plenty of parking and flat trails and boardwalks.  The home before you enter the park has some livestock that are fun to paint too.

Directions:  Take the Keystone Exit off of I-80 and turn south onto Keystone Ave.  Continue to W. Second Street and turn Right (West).  After several blocks Second Street bears left and becomes Dickerson Road.  There is no sign indicating but just go that way.  You travel through a semi industrial area and the road dead-ends into Oxbow Nature Study Area.
What to bring (same as always):·                  camera
·                  cell phone
·                  drinking water and snack or lunch
·                  painting gear
·                  carts work on boardwalks and paths
·                  hat, sunscreen, sunglasses
·                  art umbrella?
·                  check weather for appropriate layers of clothing

Monday, October 24, 2016


Date:          October 24, 2016 (Monday)
Weather and light it dicey today. Let's postpone today.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Date:          October 24, 2016 (Monday)
Time:          9:00 am
Place:         ArrowCreek Park, ArrowCreek                      Parkway

Friday, October 14, 2016

October 18, 2013 (Tuesday) Paint-Out at Sky Tavern

Date:          October 18, 2013 (Tuesday)
                   Due to weather on Monday and also
                   depending on the fire situation
Time:          9:00 am
Place:         Sky Tavern on Mount Rose Hwy 431
Meeting Place:   Coming from Reno take first driveway into the work area and drive back towards pond
Mountain Top Sports Rentals at Bum's Gulch Road.  From there we can drive around into the Sky Tavern Ski Area which is obviously closed!  There is plenty of parking

 The picture is not showing the true colors.  But as you can see there are willows and creek-run-off areas, Aspen trees in yellow and evergreen hills.  There is a pond there now which should have wonderful reflections.

What to bring:

  • camera
  • painting gear
  • drinking water
  • lunch or snacks
  • carts will work in a lot of the areas
  • cell phone - not sure they will work well here - maybe
  • jacket or windbreaker
*In case there is wind we will continue back down toward Reno and go to Thomas Creek (off of Timberline Road)

Directions:  From Reno - take Mount Rose Hwy 431 about 12 miles up the hill from the intersection of I-580.  Just past the old Tanenbaum area you will see a snow removal shed on the left and then a blue sign for Sky Tavern where the gate is closed.  Just past that on the right is the Mountain Top Sports Rentals in above picture and turn right there.  That little road is called Bum's Gulch Road.  We will meet in this wide paved area.  I be painting by the pond.  continue a short way down and you will see my umbrella

Friday, October 7, 2016

October 11, 2016 (TUESDAY) Paint-Out Luther Pass Ranch/Hope Valley

Carson River near Sorensens
I may paint just across from Sorensen's or down at the river just before Luther Pass Junction on the right.  White Pathfinder

Here is a brief description of the locations to paint in that area:

1. Luther Pass Ranch:  About a mile from Pickett's Junction on Hwy 89 on the right-hand side.  This is an old ranch and the gate is still open.  Sorry, I do not have a photo of this area.

2. The area across Hwy 89 from Luther Pass Ranch is also a possibility.  This is still part of Hope Valley.

3. Carson River access:  There are many places along 88 to pull off and hike to the river for a beautiful view of just the river, aspens, willows, or the river and a view of Hope Valley and surrounding mountain peaks.  See map.  The areas indicated are in red from Sorensens to the beginning Blue Lakes Road.

Date:          October 11, 2016 (Tuesday)
Time:          9:00 am
Meet:          around the Pickett Junction area


A  Additional parking:  There is turn-off area on the left at Pickett Junction.  This is a large dirt staging area at the dirt road called Burnside Lake Road.  There is another off-highway turn-off when you first turn right on Highway 89 - parking headlight to taillight.

#1  Pull-out parking in dirt on the left before you get to Sorensen's.  Room for 3 or 4 small cars.  Short hike to Carson River.  Picture above is similar to this area.  Need hiking boots or boots with traction to walk down slope to River.  Link to Sorensens:

#2  Pull out parking in dirt on right just after you pass Sorensens.  Room for maybe 5 cars.  Short hike to Carson River banks.  Again, boots with traction recommended

#3  Restroom and parking lot at Pickett Junction.  Stay on 88 as you pass 89 turn-off at right.  Immediately after that there is a restroom and parking lot for about 6-7 cars.  Respect handicap parking spot please.  From here you can hike into meadow for a view, or, hike along a path to the river.

#4  Overlook Parking Area above Red Lake:  this is a few miles from Pickett Junction (my map is condensed).  Just before you get to Carson Pass, look for a sign saying something about Overlook of Red Lake (I don't remember the signage).  The paved parking area is on your LEFT.  Unless it is still has snow plow berms, this lot can hold a lot of cars - 15 or so.  The view is spectacular.

What to bring:

  • camera
  • cell phone (however service is next to none)
  • art gear
  • art umbrella, hat, sunglasses
  • food and drink
Services:  Sorensen's gift shop has snacks and maps, the restaurant is also open
Bathrooms:  Pickett's Junction and near the junction of 88 and Blue Lakes Road - on Blue Lakes Road.
Gas Station:  Markleeville and Woodfords

Directions from Reno:  Take 395 (580) South to Minden, turn right on Highway 88.  Approximately 1 hour 15 min. to Pickett's Junction from central Reno.

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

OCTOBER 4, 2016 (TUESDAY) Thomas Creek Paint-Out

Aspen trees along the creek

Date:          OCTOBER 4, 2016 (TUESDAY)
Time:          9:00 am
Place:          Thomas Creek Trailhead located at the end of Timberline Road, Reno, NV.
Meet:          Try to meet at the dirt parking on the left after you cross the bridge.

Bathroom:   Pit toilet located beyond the bridge straight ahead - there is a paved parking area.
No drinking water available - bring your own

What to bring:

  • camera
  • painting gear
  • drinking water, lunch or snack
  • TP in case pit toilet is out
  • bug spray, sunscreen
  • carts will work OK here, but the dirt roads are bumpy and/or gravelly
  • cell phone - I believe they work here - we are close to a neighborhood

Directions:  From Reno, take 580/395 to Mount Rose Hwy exit.  Go up Mount Rose Hwy to Timberline Road.  Turn Right.  Go to the end.  It turns into a well-maintained dirt road that is only about .10 of a mile long.  

What you can paint near parking areas:  eastern vistas of Truckee Meadows, pine trees, aspen trees, and creek.  Thomas Creek Trail also goes east, following the creek near the bridge.  There are some nice aspen trees there too.  Basically - if you want to paint the view, park at the cement parking lot.  If you want to paint forests, creeks, aspens - park in the dirt parking area along the creek.  If you love hiking (and lugging your gear), the trails are wonderful - you can hike as far as you want.  The trail follows the creek toward Mount Rose....

Another option is to drive up Logan Creek Road.  There are a few turn-outs where you might like to paint.
About the trailhead at the end of the dirt parking along the creek:

People who use this trail:  hikers, dog-walkers, equestrians, mountain bike riders.

Important:  Do not set up easels on the foot trail.  This is a well-used trail.  Mountain bikes can whiz by without looking up.  Horses may be frightened by you and your easel and umbrella.  Try to be in an open area off the trail where the horses can see you but not be threatened.  I use this trail frequently and have never seen a rattle snake or mountain lion, but the trail signs say they do live there, so I feel obliged to note it here.

View from cement parking lot
The left fork where the dirt parking is along the creek

Bridge where the fork is 

A meadow between Logan Meadows Road and the creek - farther up  - parking for about 3 cars on Logan Meadows Road

Creek near the dirt parking area

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