Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cancelled - Sept 30 paint-out

Due to the high winds and chance of showers predicted on Monday, Sept. 30, 2013, the paint-out is cancelled.  (Today is pretty bad too!)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 30, 2013 (Monday) The Shack on 267 above Northstar - Paint-Out

Date:          September 30, 2013 (Monday)
Time:          9:30 am
Place:          The shack on 267 above Northstar Ski Area
Parking:       Large dirt area right off 267 at the clearing where a grassy area and aspen grove are.  The shack is set back and you may or may not see it from the road
Amenities:     None.  You are about 5 min. drive to Northstar at Tahoe, where there are shops, restaurants, bathrooms in the Village area off of Northstar Drive.  Or, you are about 10 min. drive from Kings Beach.

What to bring:

  • camera
  • painting gear
  • drinking water and snack or lunch
  • sunscreen, bug spray, umbrella, hat
  • weight for your tripod or easel (bag of rocks or some sort of weight)
  • cell phone (might work here - not sure)
  • good walking shoes or hiking boots
  • carts may work here, it is fairly level and you don't need to walk far into the meadow unless you want to
  • Check the weather for appropriate clothing.  The forecast looked favorable, but always check the day before.

What you will see to paint:

  • evergreens behind the aspens make a good background
  • grassy field
  • aspen trees (these photos were taken a previous year) can be green, yellow or orange
  • downed logs
  • willow bushes by the creek
  • old shack
Hazards:  well, while walking through the field, be aware that yellow jackets typically nest in a pile of dead wood...also, be aware of rattle snakes - I've never seen any up here..... but always be aware in any field of grass.  This is not a good place to take dogs because it is so close to the highway.  It also can be noisy with traffic going by if you are set up near your car.  It is quieter if you go back into the field somewhere.
Allow about an hour

From north Reno:
Take I-80 west
After you pass through the bug station outside of Truckee,
Take 267 towards Lake Tahoe
Go pass the Northstar turn-off and then pass the 2nd Northstar turn-off that goes to the Ritz Carlton Hotel
Go approximately a mile or more? and look for an open meadow on the right and a big dirt parking area
This is BEFORE you get to Brockway Summit

From South Reno
Take the Mt Rose Hwy to Incline
Turn Right on Lakeshore Drive (28)
At Kings Beach, turn Right on 267
Go up to the summit (Brockway Summit) and continue down the hill about a half mile (?)  
Look for the meadow on the LEFT

Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 16, 2013 (Mon.) Fallen Leaf Lake Paint-Out

Fallen Leaf Lake
Date:          September 16, 2013 (Monday)
Time:          9:30 am
Place:          Fallen Leaf Lake, near South Lake Tahoe
Meeting:      We will meet at the beginning of Fallen Leaf Lake Road and follow one of our members
Destination:   We will be going along Fallen Leaf Lake Road about a mile.  On the right hand side will be a meadow.  Half-way through the meadow will be a dirt road (Road 1212).  We will be parking there and walking the short distance to the lake where we will see a view of Mt. Tallac.
Weather:     should be a high of 75 and sunny and clear
Amenities:     Sorry, I don't know.  But there is a campground further up the road.
Dogs:            Moxie the dog will be present

What to bring:

  • camera
  • painting gear
  • drinking water and snacks or lunch
  • bug spray might be good idea since we are near water
  • remember yellow jackets are still around - bring your antihistimine or shot
  • hat, sunglasses, umbrella
  • Since there is a dirt road out to the lake, carts will probably work fine
  • folding chair if you wish
Directions:  From Reno, take Highway 50 through South Lake Tahoe, turn Right on Highway 89.  Turn Left on Fallen Leaf Lake Road.  Allow an hour to get there....

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A MONTH of choking SMOKE!

Everyone is this area is so tired of the smoke from (first) the American Fire - from Foresthill, CA, and (second) from the famous out-of-control Yosemite Fire.  It has kept everyone indoors.  When I go out to visit my horse, I feel it in my lungs and I get a headache.  All I can do is groom him and put him back.

We keep thinking....the end is in sight.....

Well, we are still waiting.  We miss painting outdoors.  I held an impromptu "friendly critique" at my house one day instead of going out to paint.  Present were Carol, Emma, Kathy, Charleen and myself.  We all enjoyed seeing each other's art, and having a place to talk about what we are stuck on..."  It was very good and everyone found that they gained by the experience.  But, we sure miss painting outdoors.....

Here are some pictures of the last paint-out we had -  Spooner Lake on Aug. 20:

Present were Diann, Kathy and myself....and somewhere out there...was newcomer Garrett.