Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A MONTH of choking SMOKE!

Everyone is this area is so tired of the smoke from (first) the American Fire - from Foresthill, CA, and (second) from the famous out-of-control Yosemite Fire.  It has kept everyone indoors.  When I go out to visit my horse, I feel it in my lungs and I get a headache.  All I can do is groom him and put him back.

We keep thinking....the end is in sight.....

Well, we are still waiting.  We miss painting outdoors.  I held an impromptu "friendly critique" at my house one day instead of going out to paint.  Present were Carol, Emma, Kathy, Charleen and myself.  We all enjoyed seeing each other's art, and having a place to talk about what we are stuck on..."  It was very good and everyone found that they gained by the experience.  But, we sure miss painting outdoors.....

Here are some pictures of the last paint-out we had -  Spooner Lake on Aug. 20:

Present were Diann, Kathy and myself....and somewhere out there...was newcomer Garrett.

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