Wednesday, August 22, 2018

September 2018 paint-outs

Hi painters,

I hope you have been painting one way or another.  July-August we had terrible smoke/haze (as well as high 90s and triple digit heat) for about 4 weeks.  I found it uncomfortable to breathe, so I stayed in and dabbled in the studio a bit.

September is the month a few parts of cottonwoods turn, and the rabbit brush bloom.  Other than that, it is not really much autumn colors.  October I will pick some good color locations.


Time to meet:  9:00 am
See previous posts for these locations

Monday 4th - Labor Day - no paint-out
Tuesday 5th:  Crystal Peak Park, Verdi
Mon/Tues 10th and 11: Tahoe Meadows (top of Mt. Rose Hwy)
Mon/Tues 17th and 18th:  Riverfork Ranch Preserve, Genoa
Mon/Tues 24th and 25th:  Hidden Valley Regional Park, Reno

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

August Paint-Outs

August Paint-Outs:

August is the month of yellow jacket bees... I suggest you do not bring meat sandwiches or fried chicken for your lunch!!!  If you are allergic to bee stings, bring your meds.  Also, bring sunscreen and bug spray for mosquitoes.  Happy painting!!!


6 and 7:     Bliss State Park (search blog for prior directions - be sure to get to the beach parking by 9am because campers will drive their from campground and the lot fills up.  There is an upper lot and a lower lot.  Take your pick.  Remember, there is a day-use fee.

13 and 14:     Thomas Creek Trail (search blog for prior directions)

20 and 21:     Tallac Historical Site (New location!)  This site is adjacent to Taylor Creek Park at South Lake Tahoe but has its own sign and entrance.  There is a fee because it is a heritage site - envelopes at parking area.  Be sure to get there by 9am as it is a small parking lot.  There are many old time 1920's cabins and houses and you can also walk inside some of them.  Please paint outside and do not block the paths.  There is also a beach and there is also some flower gardens.  I do not think they will allow you to paint in the arboretum area where the water features are.  I have visited this site and if you want, you can also sign up for a docent tour.  See their website here:
See also:
If you get there and there is no parking, or it is not to your liking, there is Taylor Creek Park adjacent with trails, aspens, creek, beach, ranger office and gift store and bathroom there as well.  Free entrance.

27 and 28:     Davis Creek Regional Park - search the blog for prior directions.  (the day-use or picnic area - maybe the pond/lake still has water?)  I do not remember if there is a day use fee or not. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A new sign in Hope Valley

Hello painters,

One of our painters emailed me about a new sign he saw at the Hope Valley/Pickett Junction Restroom Area (junction of 88 and 89).  It says that every person 16 years and older is required to have a Land Use pass, that they should have it in their possession.  The passes can be purchased online (either day or annual) on the California Fish and Wildlife Department website.  The site is vague as to what areas require the pass.

I called Sorenson's Resort to see what they knew about this since they have guests to go for day hikes nearby.  They said that this is related to the fishing and hunting land use passes - which recently was lobbied to include "hikers" (not painters!)  The man I spoke to said at this time the sign wasn't being enforced to his knowledge.  Because the location is near the PCT trail (Pacific Crest Trail), many backpackers hike for weeks or months, and this sign appears to be directed to them. 

So, unless you plan to backpack/paint/hike ....don't worry about the sign and enjoy your painting day!

P.S.  I haven't been to Blue Lakes in a few years.  Be mindful of signs and only park in "day use" areas.  Be sure to see if they charge a day use fee in the designated day use picnic areas.  Also, be mindful that the road from lake to lake has been very rough-going in the past and I doubt it would be much better with the harsh winters they have up there.  If the sign says 4WD you better also have high clearance.


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

July 2018 paint-outs

Hello all,

July is typically hot, so go as early as you can to beat the heat.  I recommend arriving by 9am.  8am is even better.  I have chosen areas that are in the mountains or in the shade of forest because it is a little cooler than the Reno area.  For the month of July, I recommend you bring the following:

  • More drinking water than usual
  • Umbrella and a wide-brim hat
  • kerchief that you can wet and tie around your neck to cool down
  • a small ice chest with ice to cool down
  • Sunscreen AND bug spray
  • lunch and snacks (avoid fried chicken and meats that attracts yellow jackets)
  • antihistamine for allergy and unexpected bee stings
  • folding chair
  • cash for day use fees if required
  • camera
  • cell phone
  • Be aware some of these places (Blue Lakes, Cathedral Road) does not have cell service
  • a grocery bag that you can fill with rocks to weight your tripod down from blowing over

July 2018:

July 2, 3:  Blue Lakes (7 miles from Hope Valley) see link:
July 9, 10:  Cathedral Road (the other side of Fallen Leaf Lake) When you see the link below, this is only one area you can paint.  I don't have a prior post for the second site, but I will try to describe it here:  Go past this spot about a quarter mile. On the left side there is a grove of aspen trees.  Find your way through the aspen trees and you will come upon a hidden meadow that is solid lupin bushes.  They are normally in bloom in July.  Be respectful and only use the trail that goes through it - don't make any new trails please.  This is a spectacular meadow and you can see Mount Tallac above the trees.  see link:
July 16, 17:  Galena Creek Park
July 23, 24:  Sand Harbor
July 30, 31:  Tahoe Meadows

Thursday, May 24, 2018

June 2018 Paint-Outs

Hello painters!

May turned out to have quite a bit of precipitation!  I did hear that the Sand Harbor day was gorgeous and a good turn-out of painters.

Again, I'm sorry I may not be able to attend June paint-outs.  :-(  But I hope you will.

Monday, June 4 and Tuesday the 5th:  Bliss State Park, Lake Tahoe
Monday, June 11 and Tuesday the 12th:  Evans Creek Trail, Reno
Monday, June 18 and Tuesday the 19th:  Hope Valley Pickett Junction
Monday, June 25 and Tuesday the 26th:  Eagle Falls near Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

For the new people:  go to the blogsite and enter the name of the location in the search box in the upper left corner.  It will take you to older posts in which details and pictures and directions are.

FYI:  If you are interested, North Tahoe Arts is sponsoring a plein air event in June.  See: Lake Tahoe Plein Air Open. A week-long gathering of plein air artists hosted by NTA June 12 - 16, 2018. ​. Click on the PDF button. to apply. ​. ​.
Also, if you are interested, Mendocino Art Center is sponsoring a plein air event in September.....and I am going and taking my travel trailer and camping in nearby Ft. Bragg. 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Art Material Sale

Hi painters,

One of our members, Karen Mauer is having an art materials sale this weekend:

"I will have art supplies, easels, paintings, etc. etc. (including new canvases) at the Somersett neighborhood garage sale this Sat. May 5, 2018 from 7 am to noon.  Given my supply, I would also allow early birds -- anytime Friday.

9176 Kenton Trail, Reno, NV. is accessible from Exit 5, East Verdi, off I-80 (NOT GPS -- they've identified the wrong one! - go to Exit 5 instead!)
Anyone can contact me at 406-270-3854

Thank you,
Karen Maurer

Thursday, April 19, 2018

May 2018 Paint-Outs

Hi painters,

April was an iffy month weather-wise.  I don't think many people made it out to paint.  Maybe May will be better....

May 2018 Schedule:

Monday, April 30 and Tuesday May 1 - Davis Creek Park

Monday May 7 and Tuesday May 8 - Sand Harbor (if the Boat Launch parking is open, meet there.  Otherwise, park at the main parking for the park

Monday May 14 and Tuesday May 15 - Huffaker Hills Trailhead, Reno.  From Longley Lane one block from McCarran Boulevard, take Alexander Lake Road to trailhead parking. 

Monday May 21 and Tuesday May 22 - Tahoe Keys (see previous years posts for directions)

Monday May 28 (Memorial Day) and Tuesday May 29 - Tahoe Meadows (see previous posts for directions)  P.S.  you may want to avoid Memorial Day - it is up to you....

Note:  May can be a muddy month with snow melt at Tahoe Meadows, be prepared with appropriate boots....