Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 27, 2014 Paint-Out at Cave Rock State Park

I had to use the internet since I have never stopped here to take a picture!
Please note this is a change from the original schedule
Date:          October 27, 2014 (Monday)
Time:          9:30 am
Place:          Cave Rock State Park, Lake Tahoe
Amenities:   Bathrooms, picnic tables, beach, views of Cave Rock and neighboring homes with their own piers
Fee:            Parking Fees are about $10/car

Since we have been painting fall colors the last several paint-outs, we decided to change this paint-out to a lake view paint-out.

What to bring:
  • camera
  • cell phone
  • $10 if you don't have a NV park pass
  • painting gear
  • food/drink
  • artist umbrella
  • camera
  • layers - watch the forecast
This YouTube is long, but toward the end they show the beach and view looking south with the homes and piers and the pretty beach:

Location:  This boat launch and beach state park  is located on the south side of the Tunnel through Cave Rock.

Directions:  please see google maps and enter your starting point, and the destination as "Cave Rock, Glenbrook, Nevada".  This park is near Glenbrook, Nevada and north of Zephr Cove.

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