Wednesday, October 28, 2015

November 2, 2015 Sky Tavern Paint-Out

Date:          November 2, 2015
Time:         9:30?  With time change - get there when you can
Place:          Sky Tavern Ski Area
Parking:      Free - we usually are along the fence where the aspen trees and trails are
Amenities:    If we see workers there, we might be able to use the bathrooms if the building is open

Directions:  From Reno - take Mount Rose Hwy 431 about 12 miles up the hill from the intersection of I-580.  Just past the old Tanenbaum area you will see a snow removal shed on the left and then a blue sign for Sky Tavern with a gate that should be open.  If you go past it by accident you can turn around at the Mountain Top Sports Rentals.  

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