Friday, May 2, 2014

Change to parking location for May 5, 2014 paint-out in Gardnerville/Minden

Since posting the paint-out for the Job's Peak view to take place on May 5, I have learned that I chose a less desirable parking area.  The rancher needs the parking to access his cattle, and I learned that Mottsville Road is very busy and people drive fast.

So here is where we will meet:

Once you turn on Mottsville Road, go past the area first described a little ways.  Turn left on the sidestreet called "Mottsville Meadow Way" - a dead end with only three houses on it.  I was advised this is much safer and there is room to park and cul-de-sacs as well.

It is also going to windy and 20% chance of rain.  So...... plan accordingly.  Some people who have hatch-backed vehicles can use them as a wind-break.  Some people do smaller works so they can finish faster.  Some people have a lap-set-up that they can work from within their car if it is pointed in the right direction.....

Anyway, I'll be there....

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