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April 27, 2015 (Monday) Virginia City Paint-Out

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Date:          April 27, 2015 (Monday)
Time:          9:30 am (it is now warmer in the mornings!)
Place:          Virginia City
Meeting Place:     In the large parking lot at the corner of E Street and Sutton.  The parking lot is across the street from the old Virginia Truckee Railroad Freight Depot.

Possible Painting Locations to be discussed:

  • Main Street
  • old buildings
  • church
  • old equipment, vehicles, etc.
  • views of 6 Mile Canyon and Sugarloaf Mountain
  • The Comstock Trail and History Kiosk at the end of Washington Street (small parking lot and bathrooms I think)
  • 6 Mile Canyon (small turn-offs here and there - go slow or you may drive past them)
  • Old Cemetary

It is a lot of fun to paint together, but it is hard at Virginia City with so much variety and everyone is inspired by something different.  So it may end up that people fan out and we won't see each other....but maybe if we meet first, we can at least find someone who wants to paint the same thing and hang out together.

Directions:  from Reno, take Hwy 341 to Virginia City, turn Left on Sutton, go 2 blocks and it ends at E Street.  The parking lot is right in front of you.  (From Reno at the intersection of Virginia Street and 341, it is 14 miles and takes about 30 minutes).

Link about the Comstock Trail Kiosk:
YouTube video of the Comstock Trail  part 1 of a series

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