Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 20, 2014 (Monday) Evans Creek Nature Trail Paint-Out - Reno

Evans Creek Nature Trail

Date:          April 20, 2015 (Monday)
Time:          10:00 am
Place:          Evans Canyon Trailhead - specifically the Evans Creek Nature Trail part of it.
Meet:          Parking lot in front of this trailhead gate, or meet down in the creek trail
Address:  Reno Sports Complex parking lot 2975 N. Virginia Street

Parking:      Parking for trailhead is at the end of the Reno Sports Complex parking lot 2975 N. Virginia Street  (a softball field and disc golf).  This Sports Complex is at the northwest corner of the intersection of North Virginia Street and McCarran.  There is a left-hand turn lane to get into this parking lot going northbound on N. Virginia Street after you cross McCarran

Trail difficulty:  Easy to moderate, and short.  Pack light or bring a cart for going back uphill, although it is gradual and fairly easy.

Amenities:       NONE. Beware:  NO BATHROOMS!   Can you believe it???  I asked a maintenance worker.  I guess when there are softball games they open one near the dugout, but when we are there, no games are going on.  You can drop by the main Rancho San Rafael park bathrooms from the Sierra Street entrance.

Directions:  From I-80, take Virginia Street exit and go north on North Virginia Street.  Pass the university and cross McCarran and get in the left turn lane as soon as it appears, turn left into the Reno Sports Complex (signage is very visible).  Go to the end of the parking lot.


Description of the trail and photos I took about 2 weeks ago:  It is a short walk slightly downhill to the creek.  First you have to go toward the Basque Monument and then stay left and continue past it downhill.  Carts will work here.  Continue on this trail and it will bend like it is going toward the right and also downhill.  It then meets the loop trail.  A sign says go left for the nature trail part of it and this is the pretty area in the trees we will paint.  Go back the same way you came to get to your car.

This trail is enjoyed by joggers and hikers.  No bicycles are allowed.  Still, in order to paint, you will have to step off the trail so the pedestrians can continue.  There are many little side trails that take you down into the canopy of trees and grass and the trickle of a creek from a dry winter.  So, if you like riparian ecosystems and tangles of natural trees, you will like this hike very much.  It is very pretty.
The trailhead at the parking lot
The trail to the left of the Basque Monument
Now the trail is going down
At the bottom a sign points to go left along the creek for the nature trail
There are little trails off the main one that take you into the trees and to the creek
Not much water
Now a boardwalk leads you to a marshy area
The marshy area and one branch of trail leading over it to the other side.

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