Friday, January 2, 2015

January 6, 2015 (TUESDAY!) Washoe Lake Wetlands Paint-Out

Remember last year's paint-out?  

Happy New Year everyone!  Sorry for the lapse in paint-outs.  Between inclement weather, the holidays and being sick.... it just didn't happen....
This was taken a couple of years ago....

Date:          January 6, 2015 (This is a Tuesday this time!)
Time:          10:00 am
Place:          Washoe Lake Wetlands - at the very south end of Washoe Lake
Parking:      Free and plenty of parking

Forecast:  We will be having warmer weather - in the 30's to 40's!   Lots better than what we've been having.  Still, bring layers and gloves if you have sensitive hands!

What to bring:

  • painting gear
  • artist umbrella
  • camera
  • winter layers, warm hat or ear covers, gloves
  • waterproof boots in case snow or ice still on ground
  • sunglasses for glare if it is sunny
  • shade hat
  • cell phone
  • drink and food
  • carts work OK if no snow on the trail or boardwalk

What you will see to paint:
  • snow capped Slide Mountain and surrounding mountains
  • reeds and marsh grasses
  • maybe some patchy snow
  • view of Washoe Lake and surrounding desert mountains
  • sometimes cloud formations
From Reno, take I-580 South toward Carson City
Exit 44/Eastlake Boulevard
Left on Eastlake Boulevard
Go about 1.4 miles
As you go around a bend, a parking lot will appear on the left - turn left (it is easy to pass it up by mistake)

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