Saturday, February 1, 2014

Addendum to Monday, Feb. 3 paint-out in Reno

The weather is colder now.  I should have set our meeting time to paint for later.  In case someone doesn't get this message, I will still show up at 10am.  If you DO get this update, you can arrive later when you think it is warmer for you.  The high is expected to be about 44 degrees, partly cloudy, and breezes 10-20 mph.

People in the MidWest and East will probably think we are wimps!  If you are in the sun and in a protected place you can be OK if you are dressed warm enough.  The really hardy painters from the Minnesota area use hand warmers in the top of their gloves and in their boots on top of their feet.  Some will have all their paints laid out before they go outside their car.  Then they go back to their car to warm up.

If it is too cold to paint, you can always use it as a hike and take photos of potential painting locations!

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