Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Notes from the last paint-outs

We artists have been pretty lucky weather-wise on Mondays and Tuesdays!  Here is a quick recap on our last paint-outs:

Oxbow Nature Area:  What a pleasant surprise!  This is a lovely spot!  We had quite a good turn-out, too....Nan, Carol G., Emma, Jack Phillips, Chris, Karen and myself.  There were different little spots to paint and we all spread out.  Here is a picture of my place with Nan and Chris:
 Hope Valley:  We really had a window of mild weather on this "iffy" day.  Great turn out:  oops, lost my notes... let's see if I can remember everyone:  Emma, Carol, Nan, Karen, Thaleia, Bonita (was there but I never saw her), Evelyn, Monika, Linda, and Bill.  Hope Valley is such a big area and we all spread out.  Below is the view Nan and I chose to view.

Bartley Ranch:  It was a gorgeous day.  Lonalee and I were there....where were you????  I painted the covered bridge and Lonalee painted a tractor.  While I was painting an old-timer and his wife came over to talk.  I told him how Bartley Ranch had a special meaning to me.  Years ago when the Bartley family lived here I boarded my horse here.  The man said "then I must-of shoed your horse for you!  I did all the shoeing at Gus Bartley's!".  Wow, then we talked about how the ranch was and he and his wife told me many funny and interesting stories of the place.  It was the best part of the day for me!

Spooner Lake:  It was a nice day but the weather was changing while we were there.  A storm was just beginning to come and it got a little breezy about the time we were leaving.  Present were Monika and her playful doggie entourage, new painter member Carol Karch from Dayton, and myself.  It was a holiday Monday and there were hikers, snowshoers, a family sledding, and cross-country skiiers.  Here is the view I chose to paint:
Eagle Falls:  Another gorgeous and mild day!  Present were Emma and myself and Lonalee (who came later) and three new painter participants!  Welcome Denise Jenkins from Dayton (she painted the Markleeville Plein Air Event last summer with me), Cindy Ralson (from Ohio on vacation here for a few weeks), and Ginny Schankerman from South Lake Tahoe.
The view I had from the top of the falls:
Serene Lake:
This paint-out was an unpublished event, partly because it was a "scoping-out" day for future paint spots.  Present were Monika, Linda and I.  This location will be fun in the spring or summer.  It is a pretty little lake lined by cabins above Donner Lake, back and beyond Sugar Bowl Ski Area.  This lake has little islands with trees and a view of Castle Peak.  The lake is iced over and covered with snow.

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