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January 27, 2014 (Monday) Hope Valley Paint-Out

Carson River near Sorensens in the Fall
Date:          January 27, 2014 (Monday)
Time:          11:00 am
Place:          Hope Valley Area
Meeting Place:    Hope Valley Cafe (At Hope Valley Resort & Campground)
Painting Places:   4 to choose from, or go off on your own
Parking:          Variable - see notes on each painting location
Amenities:     Hope Valley Cafe, Sorensen's Resort, bathroom at Pickett Junction (88 at 89)

We are doing this paint-out a little bit different.  We are meeting at Hope Valley Cafe parking lot where I will hand out maps (if you don't print out the one I have here).  This is the time to choose where you want to go and with whom - buddy up - if you have not already discussed this with your buddy yourself.  We are doing it this way because there might be a large number of people and many of the painting spots have limited parking areas.  Below is the map and following is a description of that spot:
to print:  R click on this map, it brings up blog post, R click again on map, it should blow up map only, Control P and it should just show map as an item to print.  Hope this works for you!
*  Meeting place:  Hope Valley Cafe & Market at Hope Valley Resort & Campground

A  Additional parking:  There is turn-off area on the left at Pickett Junction.  This is a large dirt staging area at the dirt road called Burnside Lake Road.  There is another off-highway turn-off when you first turn right on Highway 89 - parking headlight to taillight.

#1  Pull-out parking in dirt on the left before you get to Sorensen's.  Room for 3 or 4 small cars.  Short hike to Carson River.  Picture above is similar to this area.  Need hiking boots or boots with traction to walk down slope to River.  Link to Sorensens:

#2  Pull out parking in dirt on right just after you pass Sorensens.  Room for maybe 5 cars.  Short hike to Carson River banks.  Again, boots with traction recommended

#3  Restroom and parking lot at Pickett Junction.  Stay on 88 as you pass 89 turn-off at right.  Immediately after that there is a restroom and parking lot for about 6-7 cars.  Respect handicap parking spot please.  From here you can hike into meadow for a view, or, hike along a path to the river.

#4  Overlook Parking Area above Red Lake:  this is a few miles from Pickett Junction (my map is condensed).  Just before you get to Carson Pass, look for a sign saying something about Overlook of Red Lake (I don't remember the signage).  The paved parking area is on your LEFT.  Unless it is still has snow plow berms, this lot can hold a lot of cars - 15 or so.  The view is spectacular.

If you want us to look for you, please email Carolyn to let us know you are coming - at least a day in advance notice. 

email at:

What you will see at this time of year:
Our scout, Carol Grigus, informs us that the Carson River in Hope Valley looks good and is still flowing, but barely.  There are some frozen parts along the edges - very pretty.
The hike to the river from #3 is gorgeous, but it is a bit of a hike for some folks.  The bathroom at #3 is open and clean.
The vista view above Red Lake is gorgeous, and some might even venture to Carson Pass itself as well.

Overlook of Red Lake in summer
What to Bring:
  • Maps of the area if you have them
  • cell phones don't work here but a few random spots
  • camera
  • painting gear, painting umbrella?
  • something to carry your gear
  • hiking or snow boots as spares
  • drinking water
  • appropriate clothing - check forecast - remember we are higher up and it is colder unless there is an inversion
  • gloves? hat? sunscreen? sunglasses? ear warmers?
  • snacks/lunch/money for cafe or Sorensen's restaurant
Carson Pass in summer

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