Monday, January 27, 2014

January was very cooperative! We had some fun paint-outs

Washoe Lake Wildlife Viewing Area
We had quite a few paint-outs so far this winter.  December 9 we had a couple of painters in the Tahoe Meadows on the top of Mt. Rose Highway.  After the holidays, we had a big turn-out on January 2 at the southern tip of Washoe Lake at the Wildlife Viewing Area.  You can see from the photos there was not much snow, it was sunny and mild.
Welcome new painting friends, Karen Mauer and Chris Cheney.  Also present were Carol Grigus, Emma Auriemma, Lonnalee Virgo, Diann Liang and myself.

Other paint-outs were headed by Monika Johnson at Ski Beach on Jan. 6 and Sand Harbor on Jan. 20.  Sorry I don't have pictures from those paint-outs, I was unable to attend.

Today's paint-out was at Hope Valley and was well attended by eleven people.  Welcome new painting friends, Evelyn Yonker, Thaleia Georgiades, Bonita Paulis and Nan Lathrop.  Also present were Monika Johnson, Bill Tyner, Linda Rosenblum, Karen Mauer, Emma Auriemma, Carol Grigus, and myself.  If you were there and I didn't see you, my appologies!  

We all met up at the Cafe and got our maps and buddied-up and disbursed out into the field to paint.  Because we were so spread out I don't have any pictures of this paint-out.  It started out cold, but at times the sun came out and got warmer.  Then it got colder around 2:00 but most people were finished by then.  

Although we need the snow and rain, this winter so far has been generous to painters out in the field.  It has been pretty mild for this time of year and the lack of snow on the ground in Hope Valley made the parking and access much easier.

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