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August 5, 2013 (Monday) Hope Valley Paint-Out

Date:                    August 5, 2013 (Monday)
Time:                    10:00 am - meet at Sorensen's
Painting Place:       Hope Valley, CA - along Hwy 88/89
Amenities:             There is a restroom in the vicinity.  I don't remember any drinking water.  There is no gas stations up there, and no cell!
Travel time:           One hour, 15 min. from Reno
Meeting Place:      Sorensen's Resort on Hwy 88/89
Map and Link:
Directions:           From Reno, take 580 south, through Carson City and on towards Minden.  Just before you get into town of Minden, turn Right on Hwy 88.  Continue to Woodfords, and then stay straight and continue up the hill about 10 minutes.  Sorensen's Resort and Cabins will be on your left.  The restaurant is right there and gravel parking.

Have a cup of coffee if you arrive early at the Sorensen Cafe.  Check out their gift shop and selection of maps.  Look for my car, a red Subaru Outback, in the parking lot.  We can discuss where we want to paint.  From there, we will drive further up the road.  First shoulder on the right is where you can park and walk down to the beautiful creek among aspen trees as shown above.

If you want open vistas, we will continue further a little ways.  At the junction where 89 goes off to the right, there is a public restroom on the corner.  Parking is limited, but there is also the shoulder of the road at the beginning of the fork on 89.  The picture above is taken from this area looking west.

If you want the view from the very top picture of the river, I can show you where you park on the shoulder and that view is right there - you can paint from the side of the road or walk down a little slope to get to the spot where I took the photo.  Locals call this area "at the bridge".

Of course, if you know the area, you can paint anywhere you want.  As you folks would know - the entire region is gorgeous and there is lots to choose from.  This paint-out is geared for the first-timers - Kathy and Charleen and anyone else.

What to bring:

  • plenty of gas 
  • camera
  • painting gear
  • drinking water
  • bug spray
  • hat/sunscreen/sunglasses
  • jacket if cool
  • Hiking shoes or good tennis shoes with tread advised
  • Carts may not work in many places.  Backpack or shoulder bags probably better.
  • You can paint from where your car is, but the traffic noise can be bothersome
  • lunch or money to buy lunch at Sorensens
  • cell phone, however, it won't work up there....

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