Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 29, 2013 (Monday) Mt. Rose Meadows Paint-Out

Date:          July 29, 2013 (Monday
Time:          9:00 am
Place:          Mt. Rose Meadows (actually the name is Tahoe Meadows, but it is on Mt. Rose!)
Parking:       Parking lot on the south side of Mt. Rose Highway
Amenities:    Bathroom

What to bring:

  • camera
  • painting gear
  • drinking water
  • hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • cart or backpack if you wish to hike the interpretive loop trail for more distant spot
  • cell phone
Yes, back by popular demand!  We went there last Monday and it was so cool and comfortable compared to Reno.  It is close, it is quiet, it is beautiful.  The interpretive loop trail is level and easy to pull a cart.  There are many different subjects to choose from to paint at this time:  small waterways, wildflowers including lupin, meadow views, mountain views, forest trees....  If you want to see the large patch of lupins - they are in full bloom right now.  They are on the eastern end of the interpretive loop trail.

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