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OCTOBER 4, 2016 (TUESDAY) Thomas Creek Paint-Out

Aspen trees along the creek

Date:          OCTOBER 4, 2016 (TUESDAY)
Time:          9:00 am
Place:          Thomas Creek Trailhead located at the end of Timberline Road, Reno, NV.
Meet:          Try to meet at the dirt parking on the left after you cross the bridge.

Bathroom:   Pit toilet located beyond the bridge straight ahead - there is a paved parking area.
No drinking water available - bring your own

What to bring:

  • camera
  • painting gear
  • drinking water, lunch or snack
  • TP in case pit toilet is out
  • bug spray, sunscreen
  • carts will work OK here, but the dirt roads are bumpy and/or gravelly
  • cell phone - I believe they work here - we are close to a neighborhood

Directions:  From Reno, take 580/395 to Mount Rose Hwy exit.  Go up Mount Rose Hwy to Timberline Road.  Turn Right.  Go to the end.  It turns into a well-maintained dirt road that is only about .10 of a mile long.  

What you can paint near parking areas:  eastern vistas of Truckee Meadows, pine trees, aspen trees, and creek.  Thomas Creek Trail also goes east, following the creek near the bridge.  There are some nice aspen trees there too.  Basically - if you want to paint the view, park at the cement parking lot.  If you want to paint forests, creeks, aspens - park in the dirt parking area along the creek.  If you love hiking (and lugging your gear), the trails are wonderful - you can hike as far as you want.  The trail follows the creek toward Mount Rose....

Another option is to drive up Logan Creek Road.  There are a few turn-outs where you might like to paint.
About the trailhead at the end of the dirt parking along the creek:

People who use this trail:  hikers, dog-walkers, equestrians, mountain bike riders.

Important:  Do not set up easels on the foot trail.  This is a well-used trail.  Mountain bikes can whiz by without looking up.  Horses may be frightened by you and your easel and umbrella.  Try to be in an open area off the trail where the horses can see you but not be threatened.  I use this trail frequently and have never seen a rattle snake or mountain lion, but the trail signs say they do live there, so I feel obliged to note it here.

View from cement parking lot
The left fork where the dirt parking is along the creek

Bridge where the fork is 

A meadow between Logan Meadows Road and the creek - farther up  - parking for about 3 cars on Logan Meadows Road

Creek near the dirt parking area

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