Monday, August 31, 2015

September 14, 2015 (Monday) Tahoe Meadows Paint Out

north side of hwy
Tahoe Meadows is starting to change.  These photos were taken on 8-30-15.  There is a nice contrast of colors between the grass and willows...and the evergreens.
south side of hwy where the stair sign is
Date:          September 14, 2015
Time:          9:30 am (we are starting to meet a little later)
Meeting Place:     Near the stair sign above on the south side of Mt. Rose Hwy.  There are two sets of stairs but they are in view of each other.  I will be painting the meadow on this side.  Parking is on the side of the road, either side.

Painting locations:  You can paint either side of the hwy, or, if you prefer the parking area at the Tahoe Meadows trailhead - you can try that.  There is also a side of the road parking area just above the entrance to the Tahoe Meadows Trailhead parking lot.  You are higher up and can take in more view.

Amenities:         Bathrooms are at the parking lot for Tahoe Meadows Trailhead on the south side of the hwy a little more East than the above picture where the stairs are.  Bathrooms are also at the Mt. Rose Trail Head parking lot at the summit.

still some areas of green
creek runs through willows near one of the stairs

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