Monday, June 15, 2015

June 22, 2015 (Monday) Cathedral Road Paint-Out South Lake Tahoe

Date:          June 22, 2015
Time:          9:00 am
Place:          A meadow on Cathedral Road
Parking:      Roadside
Bathrooms:   Closest is the Snow Park Parkinglot, better ones at the Taylor Creek Visitors Center
Nearby Amenities:  Camp Richardson General Store

Here are specific directions from Reno:
Drive to South Lake Tahoe via 580 and then 50
At the "Y" turn right on Emerald Bay Road/89
Drive a few miles.  When you see Camp Richardson General Store, you are .9 miles from Cathedral Road.  Another landmark (as well as a pit-stop) is a little farther from Camp Richardson - and on the right is Taylor Creek Visitor Center signage.  At this point you are REAL CLOSE to Cathedral Road - like .3 miles.  You cross a little bridge over Taylor Creek and then you see a brown "Snow Park" sign pointing to your left.

Turn Left to go to the snow park.  PLEASE NOTE:  This year the Cathedral Road sign is missing so there is no identification to this narrow paved road.  After you turn in here:
about a hundred yards - the road splits.  To the left is the snow park and a pit toilet.  Go straight and it is Cathedral Road.  You will pass wildflowers:
.5 miles from the split in the road you will see a little trailhead parking area on your left:
If you like to take a little walk through the aspen and paint there you can, or, you can drive a little further like .1 mile where I will be:
Room for about 4 cars here on the side of the road, and walk over the low fence and a few steps into the meadow you will have the view in the first photo above.

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