Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Report on last two paint-outs - Mt. Rose and Rancho San Rafael

Meadow on Mt. Rose:  With the holidays, no one else could make it but me.  What a difference a week makes.  More snow up on the meadow.  Today had very high winds, but the roads were dry.  I made changes in my painting plan:  I packed a small watercolor kit that I could paint while in my vehicle.  Good thing too - I took pictures outside and felt the wind almost blow me off balance.  But that didn't phase the snowshoers and the kids off school sliding down the hill in saucers.  I was in good company up there, but warm, out of the wind and a great view from my windshield!

Here is my set up:  a box lid serves as a desk for my lap.

The consul serves as a holder for my water container, and the driver's seat as an extension of my "desk".

And here is my painting:

Rancho San Rafael Park:  Carol Grigus joined me for a lovely day of painting.  I don't have a picture of her painting - she got a later start than I did.

My painting was down by the bridge over the creek where the trees are almost crawling across the ground.  I am still "learning" this medium - trying to do alla prima (done all at once without making mud!).

9 x 12 oil

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  1. I recognized immediately where you had pained in San Rafael Park. I love that place!