Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Paintings for this week's outings

Kathy and I just finished our 2nd day in a row paint-outs!  The weather was great both days and we had a super time!  Here's how it went:

Twaddle Ranch -

We had to take the detour from Old 395 to Parker Ranch Road, then went under the new freeway (580) and turned left on "something ranch road?" and then followed directions to Bowers Mansion...and then beyond to the Twaddle Ranch.

There is no sign that says it is Twaddle Ranch, but there is a little park just before it.  Just look for the old ranch buildings, climb over the old falling down wood fence, and enjoy the scene.  Here are some pictures:
Carolyn's painting in progress
Kathy's painting

Thomas Creek Trailhead -

We parked by Thomas Creek and found great views to paint very close to the car.  Now that kids are back in school, the parking area was empty.  Eventually a bicyclist drove in, and later a couple of people to walk dogs.  I seem to attract dogs!  Big, lovable, goofy dogs!  After he was let out of the car he gallumped over to me at full throttle and I had to quickly pick up my art stuff on the ground where he might tread on the way for a splash in the creek.  (Why me????)

Here's some pictures:

Carolyn's painting

Kathy's painting

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  1. Beautiful painting, Carolyn!! Really colorful and well done. Reads so nicely on my screen!