Monday, September 10, 2012

Call to Artists! New Plein Air Painting Group

Are you an artist and do you live in the Reno, Nevada or Lake Tahoe region?

Do you want to paint outdoors but you...

  • don't want to go alone
  • don't know where to go
  • don't know what to bring
  • are afraid of wildlife
  • find lots of excuses not to go?
I am one of those people!  And it turns out there are many like me.  When I google plein air groups, THERE ARE NONE IN THIS AREA!  So, I thought I'd start one.  A little voice in my ear said:  if you start a blog, they will come...

This is the birthing day of Reno Tahoe Plein Air Painters (aka RTPAP).

Give me a little time to get this blog might take a few days.  Follow, subscribe, write comments, and tell me who you are and your email or how to contact you if you want to be contacted.

Right now there are two of us, but we know some local artists we'll notify and this group should begin to form.

We live in a beautiful area and it seems crazy that many of us don't go outside to paint from life!  We have high deserts, fantastic cloud formations, alpine meadows, gorgeous Lake Tahoe and other lakes, the Truckee River and other rivers, Nevada rural ranch scenery, old barns, aging machinery, ghost towns, mining towns, a city for the cityscape painters, pine trees, boulders and rock formations, small towns, cabins in the snow, old victorian houses.....and many more things to paint - all in a relatively short distance away!

So, if you are visiting this new blog, WELCOME!  We hope you join us!  

Check back from time to time to see where we are going and we will post about the outing if you didn't make it.

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