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Greeting Fellow Artists,

The deadline is nearing.  Any one interested in participating in Reno Open Studios at a location at my house and Tricia Leonard's home in ArrowCreek. 

We have spots for  two and possible for 5 artists.  We have done this the last two years and have had a pretty good turn out and sale success.    The Dates are October 6, 7,  Saturday and Sunday.

Attached is the application. The deadline is March 15th for new artists and March 31st for a returning artist.  Since time is getting to be of the essence please spread the word to others who may be interested and please respond as soon as you are able.

Greatly appreciated,

Emma Auriemma-McKay . 775-527-7590


I apologize for the lateness of this email (time has escaped me).  There is a lot of information in this email so please be patient.

FIRST, Please mark your calendar for the first meeting for RENO OPEN STUDIOS and don't forget to attend! We really, really, really want you to be there but I understand that life can get in the way sometimes so if someone has taken you hostage and you can't make it because you are tied to a chair, please call or text Debbie Howell at 775-762-0503 so that we know you got this email but can't make the meeting.

DATE:            Monday, FEB 6, 2017
TIME:             6:00 pm
LOCATION:   430 Sunnyside Dr, Reno NV 89503 (just off of Keystone)

SECOND, There are links below for the 2017 application to participate in Reno Open Studios and also the advertising contract and size examples for advertising donations.  I am sending the application and the advertising contract to you in both Word format and PDF format. You can use either the Word version OR the PDF version (you don't need to do both).  If you have any problems or questions on downloading or if you need it faxed or snail mailed to you, then please call or text Debbie Howell at 775-762-0503.  Feel free to share this with any new potential artist you feel might be interested.

Click here for application (in Word) ROS 2017 Application (in Word)

Click here for application (in PDF) ROS 2017 Application (in PDF)

Click here for advertising contract (in Word) ROS 2017 Ad Contract (in Word)

Click here for advertising contract (in PDF) ROS 2017 Ad Contract (in PDF)

Click here to see ad sizes ROS 2017 Ad Sizes

Please fill out the application and advertising contract and return both of them along with your payment to 15795 Callahan Road, Reno NV 89511, or better yet, bring them to the Monday meeting on Feb 6.

For new artists we have added a clarification of what kind of art we accept.  You will find that and other important requirements in the application and especially in the Policies and Procedures section.

For returning artists as well as new artists, you will find a new fee level.  The Board feels it is unfair that a few participants do the majority of the work.  We understand that we have not always followed through with assigning committees but that is changing this year.  That said, we have artists who rarely, if ever, attend the meetings and frequently don't respond to emails.  We felt that if we offered an option to skip the all but the last two meetings (just before and just after ROS) and committee work it would be easier to expect the rest to follow through.  Let me firmly state that we all believe our event will be far superior if EVERYONE actively participates.

THIRD and LASTLY, Now for some really exciting news – we have scheduled a one-day show during Artown.  The date is Saturday, July 29th from 10-5.  We have the McKinley Art Center lawn reserved and Artown is excited to have a new, visual arts event.  The cost to the artists will be $25.00 each and there will be no additional commission.  The only requirement is that you demonstrate so we do not endanger our non-profit status.  The space is large so we should be able to offer everyone as much space as they need.  The board is also wants to arrange for food trucks so if you have suggestions we’d like to hear them.  We do need you to commit on the application, as we need to know that enough of you will participate to make it a smashing event.   

We hope you join us this year to make it the best ever.

Kathleen Hallamore-Best

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