Thursday, February 19, 2015

Monday forecast questionable! How about a cigarbox for a pochade?

Hi painters,

I've been following the forecast and Monday Feb. 23, 2015 keeps changing - precip...back and forth.  One thing is for sure, the temps will be colder!

So, I will not plan a paint-out.  Instead, I will tell you about a neat pochade box I saw - made by the artist - out of different cigar boxes!  The artist is Jessica Byrne and she makes them for herself and her students.  She does not offer them online at the moment.  But she sells them to her students.

This one had a grey plexi or glass insert for palette

Notice the brush holder she made that is attached to the side
There are many how-to videos and blogs that tell how people make these boxes.  Just google cigarbox pochade painters boxes and you will see quite a few.
This one had a fancy box top

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