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July 28, 2014 (Monday) Watson Lake Paint-Out

Date:          July 28, 2014 (Monday)
Time:          9:00 am
Place:         Watson Lake
Meet:          At the turn-off from 267 at Brockway Summit at 9:00.  If you are late, just follow the directions:
Caravan:     Follow us 6 miles along Fiberboard Freeway (not a freeway) along the summit ridge, then we will turn left and go 1 mile to Watson Lake (total of 7 miles from Hwy 267
Amenities:    port-a-pottie, a lake, a small parking area
Parking:       Hopefully space for 5 cars - depends on if there are a lot of campers there

What to bring:
  • BUG SPRAY!  Last year there were mosquitos
  • painting gear that you are able to walk around the lake to where you want to paint.  
  • possibly an artists umbrella
  • hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • layered clothing - it can be cool up there it is 7,000 feet
  • hiking boots or good walking shoes
  • camera
  • drinking water, snack or lunch
  • cell phone - may not work up there
From South end of Reno to Brockway Summit:  About 30 miles/50 min:  Take Mt. Rose Hwy to Incline, turn Right on N. Lake Blvd. heading to Kings Beach, turn Right on 267 (No. Shore Rd) and go up to the top (Brockway Summit) and turn Left at the turn-out.  This is the entrance to Fiberboard Freeway.  Fiberboard Freeway is a paved logging road open to the public.  Take this road for about 6 miles (miles are marked on the pavement for bicyclists but last year we didn't see them).  At some point the road has changed name to Mount Watson Road.  Watch for a spur road to the left  with a big rock (see below photo) and sign that says "Watson Lake" (last year the sign was not there).  This is a short (less than one mile) road to the lake that ends in a parking area for picnic and hiking around this little lake.

From Northwest Reno to Brockway Summit:  About the same time and mileage, but go I-80 to Truckee, take 267 turn-off and head west toward Northstar.  Pass Northstar and continue up to Brockway Summit and look for the turn-off on the right.

From South Lake Tahoe to Brockway Summit:  Take Hwy 50 towards Carson City (north), Turn left at Spooner Summit onto Hwy 28.  Take 28 north to Kings Beach, turn right on Brockway Road/267.  Go to the summit.  Turn left into the turn-off area

From Brockway Summit to Watson Lake:  6.7 miles
There is no sign on 267 that says "Fiberboard Freeway".  Look for a turn-off very close to the summit.  Once you drive in there, a paved road will start and there is a little shack and a wooden sign with information on it.  In the winter, this area is where people snowmobile and park.

After going 6 miles on Fiberboard Freeway, look for the big rock with the paint on it to turn left to Watson Lake
Above is a picture I took last year.  The Fiberboard Freeway is the paved road going off to the right.  The big rock with the paint on it is where you turn left to go to Watson Lake.  I believe it is about a mile down this little road.  Last year the sign pointing to Watson Lake was missing.
This is where it ends - at the Watson Lake campground.
The .7 mile or so road that goes to Watson Lake dead-ends at the campground.  Park where ever you see space and are not in the camper's place.

Map:    this link has a map that shows the paved road from 267 at Brockway Summit to Watson Lake.  If you click the zoom-in several times, you can see the names of the roads and even the trail names.

BONUS PAINTING SPOT:  While you are on the Fiberboard Freeway, enjoy the views especially to your left towards Lake Tahoe.  There are a few dirt turn-outs and little access short roads to meadows that are filled with wildflowers.  Last year we stopped at this spot to paint the Mule Ears:
Last year, Moxie enjoyed watching the fish in Watson Lake:

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