Monday, October 28, 2013

Recent Paint-Outs September to October 2013

Here is a collection of pictures from paint-outs we enjoyed:
Fallen Leaf Lake:

Emma looks perplexed

Too windy to paint by the lake this day
We moved into the shelter of the trees

Lonnalee at work
Monika in the aspens
Ray at work at the edge of the meadow
Sky Tavern:
Aspens at Sky Tavern
Emma at work
Monika and Garrett
Lonnalee's view
Moxie waiting for Mom to finish painting
Mayberry Park:

Emma and Jack
Thomas Creek:
Brrrr!  Last night blew the leaves away and left snow!
Only die-hards Monika and I showed up - we had to paint fast!!!!!   Cold!!!!

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