Sunday, June 23, 2013

Paint-out at Watson Lake was good!

We did not get rained on...although there were a few droplets.  Monika, Ronnie and I met at Brockway Summit and drove the 6 miles north to Watson Lake.  The wooden sign I remembered no longer was there (probably due to snow damage), however, someone wrote on the pavement with an arrow to turn left to go to Watson Lake!  Also, someone marked the rock with a red blotch of paint.  So, that is your back-woods signage for you!

Another surprise was that it is now a permit camping area!  But there was still area to park for day use.

Here are the artists at work:

And here is Moxie, looking for fish...
She held this pose for so long, I decided to put her in my painting!
Next, we drove back out, and along the Fiberboard Freeway, we decided to paint the wildflowers:
We worked very fast, because it was getting cold and some drops of rain were starting to fall....however, it never really broke into a real rain....but it sure makes you work fast!

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