Friday, May 3, 2013

Recent Paint-Outs....You may want to check these places out on your own!

Below are several paint-outs we have been on. Some were private gatherings - some were posted here on the blog.  Here are the highlights:

Tahoe Keys (Mt. Tallac) on 4/29/13- What a great view!!!!  What a beautiful day too!  Monika's dog loved playing in the marsh while we painted.

Sand Harbor 4/22/13 -
Another gorgeous day!  And Lisa's husband paddled by while we painted

Virginia City 4/15/13 - Lisa and I went to a private home where the view was spectacular.  The weather was cold and blustery.  We found a sheltered side of the house and the clouds were fantastic, but also moved and changed fast!

Dangberg Ranch April 10, 2013 - Carol and I called and made an appointment with the Ranch Historian to visit on a day that was convenient.  This ranch is off of Highway 88 about a mile from 395.  We had a great time and got to see the artifacts inside some of the outbuildings.

Little Washoe Lake 4/2/13  Carol and I painted Little Washoe Lake on a pleasant day while the snow was still on Slide Mountain and the willows were still orange and rust colored.  Grass was just starting to grow in places.

Silver Lake (near Kirkwood, CA) - April ? 2013, Carol and her friend Michael enjoyed a day at Silver Lake painting - before the snows melted.

Our friend Emma (as well as Monika) went to Monterey to the Plein Air Convention.  She sends this funny YouTube video and some notes from her time there.  Be sure to click twice on the (YouTube link) noted below to view the video of artist's stories of their painting disasters.
Posted: 23 Apr 2013 12:41 AM PDT

(YouTube link) A lot can go wrong when you paint outdoors, but wind is the biggest enemy. Artists at the second annual Plein Air Painting convention share their stories of "gamestoppers," unexpected events that bring a painting session to a dramatic halt.

A few gamestoppers that have happened to me include: 
1. Sudden downpour.
2. Painting falls face down.
3. Subject departs.
4. Forgot brushes.
5. Fog covers view.
6. Tide floods painting spot.
7. Cold air freezes watercolor.
8. Truck parks, blocking view.
9. Biting insects unbearable.
10. Automatic sprinklers turned on.
11. Hordes of annoying tourists.
12. Spat on by people above me.
13. Chair collapses in museum.
14. Drawbridge lifts. I’m on it.
15. Donkey rests head in lap.
16. Easel blown into rapids.
17. Jostled by drunk dancers.
18. Menaced by bull.
19. Kicked out by a guard.
20. Ejected by nun.

Thanks to Frank and Justin for filming, and to Eric Rhoads, Steve Doherty and the Streamliners for hosting. 
To the Plein Air convention gang, thanks for all your stories! Sorry we couldn't fit more of them into this short video.
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  1. You are super talented! :)))
    So interesting too see wonderful, beautiful nature of Nevada!
    Good mood for all you and happy painting! Waiting your news ;)