Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Recent Paint-Outs - what you missed!

Galena Creek Park - South entrance -
Kathy forgot her pastel paper!!!  She decided to sketch in her sketchbook, so I don't have a picture of her work.  Below is my study of the creek.

Private paint-out at Ida's Cattle Ranch (not on the public calendar):

Kathy could not make it, but I went.  Ida and went up the hill where the creek runs and painted the creek.  Here is Ida and her work:
Here is my beginnings of a painting:

Washoe Lake South Entrance:

Kathy was sick and could not make it.  It was just me and the waterfowl.  I went earlier than planned - arrived at 8am.  It was BEAUTIFUL and PEACEFUL!  Some geese came in to land on the lake which was glass smooth.

Cottonwoods are turning

The view I chose

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